Marketing Agreements

Managing the commercial process of leasing out storage capacity is Contango Storage´s core business.

After agreeing the strategic direction for the project together with the storage owner, Contango Storage assumes full responsibility of the marketing of the oil storage capacity on behalf of the terminal owners including the preparation of the necessary marketing materials.

Through close cooperation with the terminal owners, we create modern and transparent solutions that ensures a maximum revenue potential for the terminal owner. Consequently, we create better conditions for owners to reinvest in and develop their facilities in order to meet the new demands of clients and maintaining compliance with the latest legislation.  

Contango Storage AB is happy to announce that Andreas Sandström has joined our team. Andreas is recruited from Saybolt Sweden where he has work as a independent surveyor for 8 years.

Twelve excited golfers competed in Contango Open 2017. The open was held by as one individual and one team competition. The winning team consisted of Jim Harren, Hugh Leonard, Joseph Tran and Jonas Westerlind and the most prestigous individual competition was won by Pat Reilly.