Contango Brokerage

Contango Brokerage lease out free capacity on behalf of terminal owners and international traders both directly or as sublets.

Contango Brokerage also assist storage users to find storage capacity in challenging areas. We are always seeking new facilities and negotiating the best possible contracts on behalf of our clients.

Contango Brokerage broke storage all over the world and we concluded storage transactions in ARA, NWE, Baltics, US, Asia and the Mediterranean.

Contango Brokerage can also assist with only the negotiation and contract structuring between two counterparts to ensure fair terms are achieved.


Contango Storage AB is happy to announce that Andreas Sandström has joined our team. Andreas is recruited from Saybolt Sweden where he has work as a independent surveyor for 8 years.

Twelve excited golfers competed in Contango Open 2017. The open was held by as one individual and one team competition. The winning team consisted of Jim Harren, Hugh Leonard, Joseph Tran and Jonas Westerlind and the most prestigous individual competition was won by Pat Reilly.